are the mothers behind MOMS-UKBLE?

Four mothers from four states determined to bring about change, accountability - educate the public and cease the avoidable killings of our unarmed sons.

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you need to know should such a tragedy occur?

Even though we regret having to be here, we are the best resource for each other – we have traveled this tragic journey. Though each situation is different, there are some common specific steps you can take.

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organizations provide “real” support?

We have communicated with and found these groups to offer altruistic support, accurate information, professional guidance, up-to-date knowledge and invaluable assistance due to their commitment, sensitivity and understanding.

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can you join voices with us?

As a grassroots organization, we need the voices of many…

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Acknowledging and Honoring Honest Law Enforcement Efforts

Applauding Acts of Integrity

These law enforcement establishments see the wisdom of having responsible leadership and accountability that keeps employees honest.
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Instilling Community Confidence and Support

Excessive force, gross misconduct and abusive behavior are not tolerated by these law enforcement leaders. Rather good officers, guards and jailers are rewarded for exposing dishonorable, corrupt co-workers and diminishing the "blue shield of silence." Families in these communities need not worry that unarmed males will be victims of In-custody Death during a traffic stop, at a public transit facility, in their neighborhood, leaving a nightclub or being temporarily detained in jail.

Special Note: MOMS offers sensitivity workshops for academies conducting cadet training programs.

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Wrongful In-custody Death Law suits Paid by Our Tax Dollars

As taxpayers, we all pay when the perpetrators of homicide are police officers, guards or jailers who commit these avoidable crimes. We all pay when bullies with badges are allowed to be judge, jury and executors. And we all pay when families seeing no punishment or accountability must resort to lawsuits in order to get the attention of law enforcement officials.

Jail Beating and Abuse Lawsuits Rain Down on Harrison County Mississippi

Bronx mom of teen killed by cops in 1995 finally gets answers and $1.1 million [after 14 years/2009] 27/local/17918146_1_apartment-cops-bullets

Settlement: Victim's mother to train [Chattanooga] police on use of force

Suit settled for $2 mil in county jail death

Former Philadelphia cop, Frank Tepper, indicted for murder of an unarmed man.

A victim is someone who has been harmed, injured or killed as a result of actions or negative attitudes of someone else. In the majority of cases when an unarmed person is killed by law enforcement, there's an immediate attack on the victim's character; false stories fed to the media about what happened; vital records suddenly lost or destroyed; witnesses are intimated and officials orchestrate a cover-up or show a "blind-eye."

For families desperately seeking answers and accountability, the system puts up all sorts of frustrating delays as well as excuses (justifiable homicide). Co-workers wanting to share what really happened are labeled "whistle-blowers" and treated as outcast, if not fired. And for reporters having the audacity to uncover the facts and want to provide both sides of the story, often find themselves excommunicated. This was the plight of serious journalists tackling unpopular issues as documented in "Into the Buzzsaw."